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'Fields of the Harvest' Gospel Recording 

On the Gospel Charts...

Our latest single "If God Be For Us", is currently

#1 on GTE's Country/Bluegrass Gospel National Charts

#3 on GTE's Country International Gospel Charts and

#74 on the Southern Gospel TOP 100 Charts

With over 1400 USA Gospel Stations and hundreds of International Stations reporting, God's Country Music Chart is one of the most widely known World-Wide airplay charting systems for Country Gospel / Christian Country / Southern Gospel music. The National Top 100 Chart is compiled from USA airplay only, and the International Chart compiles 'Overseas' airplay.


God's Country International Music Chart is now in it's 15th year as the most Accurate Up to Date Chart in Country Gospel / Christian Country / Southern Gospel Music Around the World and has been published in many magazines over the years.



#1 on RAA's 'Most Popular Artist'


The Herd is currently at the Top of RadioActiveAirplay's Most Popular Artist chart. This is an International compilation of the most Played, Downloaded, and Streamed songs from the Herd's "Fields of the Harvest" recording. Check it out at



'Fields of the Harvest' tops Roots Gospel Charts Aug-08


We are thrilled to announce that 'Fields' has topped the Roots Music Gospel Charts for August/Sept 2008. Being on the chart for 11 weeks, it peaked at the #1 spot on the last week of Aug. What a blessing!



RadioActiveAirplay Charts

If the pre-release is any indication, the new recording will be a big hit. The title cut debuted at #1 in November's RadioActive Airplay's Top 100 Southern Gospel Reporting Chart...remaining  there the entire month. The Herd is currently listed at #1 in the top ten Most Popular Artist category.

So far, four of The Herd's singles, 'Fields of the Harvest', 'Heartbeat', 'Feed My Sheep' and 'Driving Nails' have all topped at #1 on RadioActive Southern Gospel music chart. Bill Castle's 'Walkin' on Holy Ground' has also  climbed into the #1 spot. In less than 1-1/2 months, The Rarely Herd has been honored in RadioActiveAirplay's Top Ten Artist category, based on airplay popularity.


This long anticipated 16 song Gospel CD will soon be in hand. The collection features fresh new recordings of tunes like 'Come and Dine', 'Heartbeat', 'Driving Nails', 'Feed My Sheep' several songs 'never recorded by TRH' including 'He is I Am', 'Safety Zone', 'Fields of the Harvest', 'Look Down That Road'. Send us your email address (above), we'll send a note out as soon as it's in hand.

Jordin Sparks is one of American Idol's final three contestants and hails from Glendale, Arizona. An AI film crew followed Sparks, gathering footage of her hometown hangouts, to be aired on Tuesday's show for more than 30 million viewers.


American Idol contacts The Herd  May 2007

Back in May, The Rarely Herd was been contacted by the producers of Fox TV's wildly popular American Idol program and their song "Arizona" was slated to be featured on the show sometime before the finale.


"Arizona", a song written by The Rarely Herd's Jeff Weaver on the group's "Midnight Loneliness" album, is in the running to be heard during Tuesday's "Homecoming" segment on contestant Jordin Sparks.


"The producers of American Idol were looking for a song about the home state of finalist Jordin Sparks, who hails from Glendale, AZ." Weaver said.


”AI’s producer/music director called me Friday evening with an urgent request to get the rights to use the song Arizona. They were on the hunt for songs about Jordin’s home state, and ours came up…they liked it because it was uptempo and lively. At that time, the producer also stated that (so far) it was the only song that they had complete clearance to use, but did intended to use more than one (as background) during her feature.“


”The lyrics had no particular or personal meaning. I just pointed a finger at a map, and wrote a song about it. In many of my songs, I just let the story evolve while writing. Another song titled Arizona John (on our Return Journey CD) was written the same way. It would be nice to hear Bluegrass on such a popular show."


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